EuroEXA: The Largest Group of ExaScale Projects and Biggest Co-Design Effort

The Horizon 2020 EuroEXA project proposes a ground-breaking design for mind blowing results: Over four times higher performance and four times higher energy efficiency than today’s high-performance platforms. Originally the informal names for a group of H2020 research projects, ExaNeSt, EcoScale and ExaNoDe, EuroEXA has its own EU investment as a co-design project to further develop technologies from the project group and support the EU in its bid to deliver EU based ExaScale supercomputers.


  • First testbed architecture will be shown to be capable of scaling to world-class peak performance in excess of 400 PFLOPS with an estimated system power of around 30 MW peak
  • A compute-centric 250 PFLOPS per 15 MW by 2019
  • Show that an exascale machine could be built in 2020 within 30 shipping containers with an edge to edge distance of less than 40m

This project has a €20m investment over a 42-month period and is part of a total €50m, investment made be the European Commission across the EuroEXA group of projects supporting research, innovation and action across applications, system software, hardware, networking, storage liquid cooling and data centre technologies. 

The project is also supported by a high value donation of IP from ARM and Synopsys. Funded under H2020-EU.1.2.2. FET Proactive (FETHPC-2016-01) as a result of a competitive selection process, the consortium, partners bring a rich mix of key applications from across climate/weather, physics/energy and life-science/bioinformatics. The project objectives include to develop and deploy an ARM Cortex technology processing system with FPGA acceleration at peta-flop level an Exa-scale procurement for deployment in 2022/23.

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