The Horizon 2020 EuroEXA project proposes a ground-breaking design for mind blowing results: Over 4 time higher energy efficiency than today’s high-performance platforms.

Originally the informal names for a group of H2020 research projects (ExaNeSt, EcoScale and ExaNoDe), EuroEXA has its own EU investment as a co-design project to further develop technologies from the project group and support of the EU in its bid to deliver EU based ExaScale supercomputers. 


  • First testbed architecture will be shown to be capable of scaling to world-class peak performance in excess of 400 PFLOPS with an estimated system power of around 30 MW peak
  • A computer-centric 250 PFLOPS per MW by 2019
  • Show that an ExaScale machine could be built in 2020 within 30 shipping containers with an edge to edge distance of less than 40m